Bodrum Green Tangerine Turkish Delight


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Discover the original Taste of the famous Bodrum Green Tangerine ( Baby Tangerine) into a soft turkish delight.

It has been produced by the fruit paste of green tangerines.

Nature has given us a chance with love for us to serve you a delicious taste and a beatiful smell one more time with its green colour.

Net Weigth : 250g or 400g

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80,00 TL

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Green tangerines have been gathered all together from the gardens and with crystal sugar, as natural as it could becomes a Turkish delight. After it has been cut, packaged and waits to be delivered to you. As always we have choosen the best of everything for you to get the best quality and taste the best.

Package: Carton box with plastic food container containing turkish delight.

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